Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist

Before you get a tattoo, you need to realize that not every tattoo artist possesses the same level of skills and artistry. It’s the same as going to a hair stylist or a lawyer—some are just better than the others. You need to know how to choose a tattoo artist because you don’t want to end up with a childish drawing or misspelled words. That kind of incompetence is actually not the worst part. It’s much worse when your tattoo artist don’t care enough about safety and health.

I had a tattoo artist that also worked as a plumber in Honolulu, he literally soaked himself in sanitizer solution before coming into the tattoo shop from work. That’s the type of care you want you’re tattoo artist to have.

So how can you find a good one? Here are some tips to help you locate the right tattoo artist for you:  Continue reading Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Safety Tips

Getting inked can be a safe procedure, as long as you do it right. But it won’t be as simple as you may think, and there are lots of health hazards along the way. You have to remember that you’re puncturing your skin to introduce a foreign material, so there are inherent dangers to think about. But here are some tattoo safety tips that can help you avoid the health risks.

Don’t Drink and Get Inked! 

Many people joke about drinking too much and then waking up with a strange tattoo. But it’s not really a laughing matter. Drinking tends to really affect your judgment, so most of the time it doesn’t end well when you get a tattoo when you’re drinking.

So treat getting a tattoo as the same as driving a car—you don’t do it when you’re drinking. And don’t let yourself be egged on no matter what others may say.

Picking the Right Tattoo Parlor

First of all, you must never try to tattoo your own skin. That’s just too dangerous. In fact, you should never have the procedure done in your own home. It doesn’t matter if the tattoo artist is incredibly talented, or if a tattoo parlor can send out an artist for home service.  Continue reading Tattoo Safety Tips

How Much Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

Many people know by now that getting a tattoo is a painful process. After all, it’s not like getting a small paper cut or stubbing your toe or even like getting an inoculation. The tools used by tattoo artists push a needle into your skin at a rate of 80 to 150 times per second. That’s not per minute—that’s per second, in case you think it was a typo. So tattoo pain is to be expected.

1o Most Painful Areas for Tattoos

Pain is, of course, subjective, and we all have different thresholds for pain. But in general, the most painful tattoo areas are those that are covered by thin skin, those that are near the bone and joint areas, and the number of nerve endings in the area.

So unless you really like pain, you may want to avoid getting tattoos on the following parts of your body: Continue reading How Much Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

The History of Tattoos

Whether or not you personally approve of body art, you have to admit that the history of tattoos is a long one. For the longest time, the earliest actual evidence of tattoos was on Egyptian mummies dated back to 2,000 BC. So it was accepted that tattoos have been around since the building of the pyramids, although many experts believe that the origin of tattoos is much more ancient.

Then in 1991, hikers on the Alps near the Italy-Austria border stumbled upon the mummified remains of what turned out to be a prehistoric human. Carbon dating put it at more than 5,300 years old. Its most notable feature was that the body had at least 75 distinct tattoos, spread from the ankles to the upper neck.

Ancient Civilizations and Tattoos

In many parts of the world, the spread of tattoos was due to the spread of Egyptian influence. But tattoos have also adorned the bodies of isolated communities, such as the Maoris. Each group had different purposes for them: Continue reading The History of Tattoos