The History of Tattoos

Whether or not you personally approve of body art, you have to admit that the history of tattoos is a long one. For the longest time, the earliest actual evidence of tattoos was on Egyptian mummies dated back to 2,000 BC. So it was accepted that tattoos have been around since the building of the pyramids, although many experts believe that the origin of tattoos is much more ancient.

Then in 1991, hikers on the Alps near the Italy-Austria border stumbled upon the mummified remains of what turned out to be a prehistoric human. Carbon dating put it at more than 5,300 years old. Its most notable feature was that the body had at least 75 distinct tattoos, spread from the ankles to the upper neck.

Ancient Civilizations and Tattoos

In many parts of the world, the spread of tattoos was due to the spread of Egyptian influence. But tattoos have also adorned the bodies of isolated communities, such as the Maoris. Each group had different purposes for them: Continue reading The History of Tattoos