Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist

Before you get a tattoo, you need to realize that not every tattoo artist possesses the same level of skills and artistry. It’s the same as going to a hair stylist or a lawyer—some are just better than the others. You need to know how to choose a tattoo artist because you don’t want to end up with a childish drawing or misspelled words. That kind of incompetence is actually not the worst part. It’s much worse when your tattoo artist don’t care enough about safety and health.

I had a tattoo artist that also worked as a plumber in Honolulu, he literally soaked himself in sanitizer solution before coming into the tattoo shop from work. That’s the type of care you want you’re tattoo artist to have.

So how can you find a good one? Here are some tips to help you locate the right tattoo artist for you: 

  1. Go online. This is perhaps the most convenient way to start your search, since any proper tattoo artist should have their own website. Here they can show off image of their work, and they may even feature videos of the tattooing process. Many of them have their own Facebook page, as it’s the easiest way to have a personal website. You can then check if you like their style, and you may even communicate with them
  2. Look over tattoo magazines and websites. These may feature up and coming tattoo artists and review various tattoo parlors in your area. You may then get a more accurate and objective review on which ones are the best. You should check out online forums too, as comments from various participants may provide you with recommendations.
  3. Ask around. It’s best if you can personally ask friends and acquaintances about where they got their tattoos. They can then tell you what the experience was like, and if they tattoo artist was good, friendly, and professional. These friends can tell you about the cost and about the safety measures in place. Of course, they can also tell you if anything bad happened.
  4. You can always drive around town and personally visit any tattoo parlor you may happen upon. Check out the place, and ask about the infection control measures that have been set up. You may also see a portfolio of their work. You just need to remember that their portfolio will only include the best examples of their work, since they probably won’t show their mistakes on their portfolio.
  5. If there’s a tattoo show in town, show up for that. This may give you a chance to be tattooed by one of the most famous tattoo artists in the country or in the world. That kind of show can also provide you a look at the latest developments in the industry. Also, lots of tattoo artists shop up here too, so you can strike a conversation with them and you can collect business cards.

Choosing your tattoo artist is a bit like buying a car. You certainly don’t want to rush the process, and you shouldn’t settle for the first one you see. Getting a tattoo may not be as expensive as buying an automobile, but you may end up regretting your choice of tattoo artist for a very long time if you’re not careful with your choice.

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